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United Furniture



United Furniture is a privately owned company involves in importing quality home and office apparatuses from eminent brands world-wide.
Providing customer centered and holistic services makes the company to be chosen by many happy customers.
Our range of products and services are designed to suit the needs in the sector by integrating basic models of beautiful and modern housing systems in the nation.


Why Us ?

  • We believe quality doesn’t need to be expensive,
  • On-time delivery is our core value,
  • We offer great furniture at a better price,
  • We offer beauty you can afford,
  • Our products are guaranteed.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of quality products for furnishing your home and office. We are right next to your door steps with the latest designs for bedroom, kitchen, and Living-room.
Product’s quality, variety of models, special designs, and high level of service offered are the advantages that make our brand the most preferred brand and respected in the field of furniture industry in Addis so far its existence.

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